Bondi Bioworks applies advanced biological engineering to produce high-value Natural Products

We are a bioengineering company - based out of Sydney, Australia - working to harness the power of biology as a manufacturing technology and to become a world-leader in the design of photosynthetic organisms.

Our designer organisms are engineered to produce high-value, high-quality Natural Products from just sunlight and carbon dioxide - without the over-reliance on energy-crops or arable land needed for sugar-based fermentation.

Our emphasis on target-agnostic platform technologies allow us to create robust, repeatable and elegant bioengineered solutions for global markets, including flavours & fragrances, cosmetics, skincare, pharmaceutical, medications, toiletries, insect repellents and insecticides.


Biological Engineering is providing a powerful alternative to traditional plant cultivation

The planet’s agricultural industries rely heavily on weather patterns that naturally vary in a predictable manner. However, with man-made global warming accelerating environmental changes to a critical new level, traditional plant cultivation approaches suffer increasingly from production uncertainty and increased crop failure.

With global population escalating rapidly, estimates suggest we will need to double current global food production by 2030. Resulting food production demands have meant an increased pressure on available arable land and, in many cases, increased deforestation and natural habitat destruction.  

Biological engineering provides the world with a new technology platform with the potential to address both the challenge of food production and the production of useful natural plant products. It can do so at a size and on a timescale that is meaningful to our growing needs, liberated from an unpredictable climate, crop production uncertainty and socio-political issues.

The latest bioengineering methods have allowed us to use engineered microorganisms for the large-scale fermentation-based production of valuable plant compounds for use across a multitude of markets, from food, fuel and chemicals to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. However, these sugar-based processes simply serve to place an increased demand on arable land and commodity sugar-crop production, only adding to the problems of global food production, deforestation and natural habitat destruction.

Our designer photosynthetic organisms allow us to produce natural plant compounds from just sunlight and carbon dioxide - without the over-reliance on sugar-crops, arable land, and without adding to complex food security issues or environmental destruction.